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7-Day Ultimate Cleanse – Nature’s Secret

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7-Day Ultimate Cleanse – Our digestive system is faced daily with the difficult task of not only breaking down and absorbing food but also filtering harmful chemicals and toxins from our environment as well. 7-Day Ultimate Cleanse offers a unique, 2-part program that works with the body’s own internal detoxification systems to cleanse and detoxify through the digestive tract.*

The two products in 7-Day Ultimate Cleanse are Multi-Herb Digestion & Detox Support* and Multi-Fiber Colon Cleanse*. Both products include a proprietary blend of nutrients and are designed to be taken together for best results.*

  • Part 1
      • This formulation includes herbs that are traditionally used to support digestive function.*
      • This proprietary blend works to support optimum health and a feeling of rejuvenation.*
  • Part 2
      • This formulation includes a variety of targeted herbs, plus soluble plant nutrients to support colon detoxification and help promote 2-3 bowel movements per day.*
      • This proprietary blend supports the body’s own natural cleansing functions.*
      • It is designed to promote healthy digestion and elimination.*